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Mission Command Sea
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Nautical Miniatures Wargame Modern Warfare
Dice Rolling Roll / Spin and Move

Based on the Milton Bradley classic Carrier Strike!. Outmaneuver your opponent. Destroy the enemy fleet. Lead your carrier force to victory! You are the commander of an elite naval fleet. Your mission is to sink your enemy's carrier using your destroyers and fighter squadron. Launch your planes from the carrier armed with harpoon missiles that you can fire at enemy ships. Or send them out with sidewinder missiles that will aid their efforts when caught in a dogfight. Strategically move your destroyers to intercept enemy fire or to fire on the enemy fleet. Hit the enemy's carrier twice and victory is yours. Contents: 20x30 gameboard, 2 carriers, 4 destroyers, 16 fighters with stands, 4 plastic islands with cardboard shallows, 2 Admiral cards, 14 cardboard sidewinder missiles, 14 cardboard harpoon missiles, 8 dice, and instructions. Part of the Mission Command series.

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