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Mission Command Land
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Miniatures Wargame Deduction Modern Warfare
Dice Rolling Simultaneous Action Selection

Based on the MB classic Tank Battle. You are the company commander of an elite ground squadron on special maneuvers. Your mission is to destroy your opponent's tanks before he destroys yours. Strategically position your artillery and installations to strengthen you forces. As you plan your tank and helicopter moves, the enemy is planning to target your location. Can you outmaneuver your opponent and eliminate his tanks before yours are destroyed? Deploy your army and advance to victory! Contents: 20x30 game board, 32 plastic playing pieces, 2 plotting grids, 62 cardboard defense chips, 2 combat reference cards, 6 dice, label sheet, 6 tank markers, 4 missile markers, 10 artillery markers and instructions. Part of the Mission Command series.

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