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Victory in Vietnam
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Wargame Vietnam War
Hex-and-Counter Secret Unit Deployment

(from the first edition's introduction:) "Victory in Vietnam is a strategy game covering the US war in Vietnam from 1964 until 1975. It is based around actual events and the US OpPlan 32 plus various histories of the war. The game offers players a wide range of strategic options to choose from. Optional rules and events allow nuclear weapon use, Soviet and Chinese participation and much more. Also included are introductory land combat scenarios covering the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia in 1978 and the Chinese attack on North Vietnam in 1979. Operation Linebacker II is provided as an advanced air rules familiarization scenario." Victory in Vietnam has appeared in two editions: Microgame Design Group printed and published the first edition as a DTP edition, with unmounted counters and somewhat minimalist (but still very nice looking) components, and later Schutze Games republished the game as a more professional printing, with mounted and die-cut counters, a larger rulebook incorporating accumulated errata and Q&A, and additional components such as cardstock event cards. The core of the game remained the same across the two versions, but the Victory in Vietnam II edition has enhanced components and additional rules and scenarios. Components of the MDG edition (Victory in Vietnam): 1 11" x 17" game map 1 sheet of 280 single sided playing counters 1 rules booklet (16 pages) 5 black & white player aid sheets with various tables 1 two-sided game charts sheet 1 Victory Point Schedule 1 two-sided Political Events sheet 1 Communist Set-up Sheet 1 US and Allied Set-up Sheet 1 cover sheet Components of the Schutze Games edition (Victory in Vietnam II): 1 29.7mm x 42mm game map 1 sheet of 308 single sided die-cut playing counters 1 rules booklet (24 pages) 4 full-color player aid sheets with various tables 2 game charts sheets (1 black & white) 1 Communist Set-up Sheet 1 US and Allied Set-up Sheet 5 two-sided cardstock event card sheets (must be cut apart prior to play) 1 scenario booklet/victory point schedule (8 pages) 1 cover sheet

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