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Scream Machine
3 - 6 players
average 45 minutes
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Card Game
Set Collection Action Point Allowance System Card Drafting

Players compete to draw the most customers to their amusement park by building attractions. Description from the back of the box: "Summertime is here, and amusement park barons are competing for the mad throngs of customers looking for excitement. But what do these customer want? Do you build the "Barf and Twirl" or go all out to build "The Scream Machine"? Players compete for the crowds by building differing styles of rides, trying to cater to the fickle fans of amusement parks. Which rides do they like? Coasters? Water rides? Or do they just go to the park for the food?" With cover and interior artwork by the critically-acclaimed Aaron Williams, creator of Nodwick, Scream Machine comes with two decks of cards, wooden pieces, a scoring chart, and a short set of rules that can have players playing within 10 minutes.

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