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3 - 8 players
average 30 minutes
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Fantasy Card Game Bluffing

A pure bluffing game. Each player gets a set of cards numbered 1 to 8 and a playing mat, which goes in front of him or her. The starting player is the Baron and the other players in turn offer him a card face down from their hand, stating the value. Each player must offer an equal or higher value card than the last and the Baron must take the highest card offered or choose between equal offers. The Baron must then decide to Accept or Reject the offer. If he accepts, the Baron puts the card face down on his mat and the turn passes to the next player. But if the Baron decides the player was lying and Rejects the offer, he turns the card over. If the offer was False, the player takes it back to their hand and the Baron gets to dump one of his cards onto his mat. But if it was True, The Baron must take the card into his hand and the player dumps a card face down. When a player's hand is empty, the game is over and you total the value of the cards on your mat, subtracting any left in your hand. Highest score wins. A simple game of pure bluff, it works incredibly well. Very funny and requires some thought. Baron Muenchausen is a famous character from German folklore, a notorious liar who lived a fantastical life. The game mats show illustrations and stories from his life in German, but this has nothing to do with the actual game play and non-German readers can play the game easily.

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