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2 - 8 players
average 30 minutes
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Negotiation Dice Word Game Party Game Puzzle Real-time
Dice Rolling Voting Paper-and-Pencil

A dice game requiring recalling acceptable words and phrases. In each round 19 large picture dice are shaken in the box, with one other die marked "slow play" or "fast play" indicating how the round is played. With "slow play", a sand timer is turned over and each writes words/phrases on their own pad. Making words/phrases requires using a pair of picture dice for each word/phrase. For example a picture of a snowflake and a picture of an eye can make "cold stare". Once time is up, each player compares their list, only scoring a point for the word/phrase no-one else has written. In "fast play", all players shout out the word/phrase, the quicker player removing the pair of dice from the box. Once all the dice are removed or no-one can make an acceptable word, each player scores a point for each pair of dice. After several rounds, first player to 20 points wins the game.

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