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2 - 6 players
average 45 minutes
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Card Game American West Humor
Set Collection Action Point Allowance System Card Drafting

In Lawless, each player is in charge of a ranch in the Wild West. In order to become the richest ranch owner in the West, players must buy land and cattle and hire cowboys to look after them. All this, of course, must be dealt with amongst Indian wars, bank robberies, stagecoach attacks, gunfights at the saloon, cattle theft, gold rushes and all that stuff. In such a wild world, the legal ways are usually not the best ways to get richer. Lawless is a nice, fast paced and fun game of resource management, full of action and event cards, in which a strong theme and clever mechanics are deeply interwoven. Re-implemened by: Les Fils de Samarande (released in 2005)

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