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Lock 'n Load: Forgotten Heroes – Vietnam
average 60 minutes
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Wargame Vietnam War

Forgotten Heroes - Vietnam 2nd Edition with new art has been completely updated. Each counter has been redrawn, every map created new, also new skill cards, scenarios, charts, and rules. Forgotten Heroes - Vietnam 2nd Edition simulates combat in Vietnam with squad-level combat. Counters represent squads, leaders, medic, chaplains, machine guns tanks and more. Turns cover 30 seconds to three minutes, and the interactive impulse system keeps both players involved in the game. A Charles S. Roberts award winner, International Gamers Awards Game of the Year, and voted by Game Magazine as one of the top five conflict simulations. Components: Five Maps of the Vietnamese Countryside 340 Color Counters 16 Skill Cards Complete Rule Book Player's Aid Card Dice Full Color Game Box Forgotten Heroes is now out of print and has been superceded (including the Anzac Attack expansion) with much improved gaming boards and counters as Lock 'n Load Tactical: Heroes of the Nam

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