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2 - 20 players
average 30 minutes
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Deduction Word Game Party Game Educational
Roll / Spin and Move Cooperative Play Paper-and-Pencil

From the back of the box: MYSTIFY is the exciting party game that has players racing against each other to solve over 1900 mystery words, names and numbers in five different card categories. When the timer is turned, the fun begins: players start scribbling away in frantic pursuit of the elusive answer which is literally staring them in the face. A clue tells you if it's a Famous Actor, Popular Musical Figure, Place, Object, Date, etc. Who will be the first to say, "Aha, I've got it?" Anyone can blurt out a guess at any time - but with only one guess allowed, you had better get it right! Ages 12 and up. Contents: 1920 Scrambles 884 cards Gameboard Playing pieces and die Notepad 30 second timer 1 page instruction guide.

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