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Fairy Meat
2 - 100 players
average 60 minutes
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Miniatures Wargame

Fairy Meat is Kenzer & Company's acclaimed actual-size miniatures wargame of cannibal fairy combat. The once peaceful fairy folk have become addicted to fairy flesh, and their world has plummeted into violent anarchy. Players control a warband of bloodthirsty fairies, hunting and killing for the flesh and blood of their own kin. Fairy Meat is a very multi-player game, for two or more mature gamers who want something different. The full-color rulebook includes cardstock fairy status cards, counters, and stand-up fairy miniatures; a deck of cards and a ruler are all that's required for a lifetime of fairy-butchering fun! Expanded by: Fairy Meat: Clockwork Stomp Fairy Meat: Sugar and Vice Fairy Meat: Wicked Things Fairy Meat: WAR

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