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Cranium Cadoo
2 - 16 players
average 45 minutes
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Humor Word Game Party Game Children's Game Action / Dexterity
Partnerships Paper-and-Pencil Line Drawing Storytelling Acting

A version of Cranium "scaled down" for kids, although the game should still appeal to adults who like Cranium. Here's the manufacturer's information: "With a variety of hilarious activities, Cranium Cadoo gets kids thinking, creating, giggling, grinning, and laughing like crazy as they try to get four in a row to win. With so many different activities, there is something in Cranium Cadoo that will make every kid hoot and high-five. They might even discover a talent they never knew they had! And kids just love the cool Cranium Clay, funky tokens, and especially the Secret Decoder Mask. Whether kids love to act, puzzle, sketch, sculpt, or even crack secret codes, Cranium Cadoo has something for everyone…including you!"

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