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Cloud 9
3 - 6 players
average 25 minutes
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Card Game Bluffing Aviation / Flight
Press Your Luck Betting/Wagering

Cloud 9 - The Daring Game of Ups and Downs Players earn points by daring to stay in the basket of a hot air balloon as it rises. Points increase as the balloon climbs from cloud to cloud, but so does the risk of the balloon falling. Should you jump out to save your points or trust that the pilot will take you safely higher? Everyone places their passenger token into the balloon's basket to start the trip, and receives a hand of six balloon cards. Then, each turn, a different "pilot" rolls an increasing number of specialized dice to see if the balloon can stay aloft. The dice dictate how many of the balloon cards are needed of each color. (There are also optionally played Wild Cards to keep everyone guessing.) Each player decides whether they think the pilot will have the cards to successfully take the balloon up, or whether they should jump out and keep the points earned so far. If they stay, they run the risk of getting no points if the pilot fails. If the balloon does fall, it is placed back on the lowest cloud. Everyone hops aboard and draws one new card, and the next trip begins. When a player earns 50 points the game is over.

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