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Hole in One Golf Card Game
1 - 4 players
average 10 minutes
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Hand Management

A simple card game designed to replicate a round of golf. Separate the cards into 6 decks. Correct order - Driver, Long Iron, Short Iron, Wedge, Putter. 1. Game follows the established rules of golf. 2. Driver must be used to tee off on par-4 and par-5 holes. 3. Short Iron must be used to tee off on par-3 holes. 4. Each card shows strokes and next club to be used. 5. All driver shots must be completed before Woods or Long Irons. 6. All Woods and Long Irons must be completed before Short Irons. 7. All short Iron shots must be completed before Putter. 8. All Wedge shots must be completed before Putter. 9. Fringe of green putts first followed by farthest distance from cup. 10. All Putters putt out before next opponent or opponents putt. 11. Replay nine holes for eighteen hole score. 12. One, two, three or four people may play. 13. All cards must be re-shuffled after each hole. 14. High score on each hole shuffles. Low score tees off first.

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