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Cranium Cosmo
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Humor Real-time Educational Trivia

Push back from your desk, grab the next card from Cosmo, and you're on your way to five minutes of high-fiving fun. Cranium Cosmo is bursting with brilliant ways to have a few moments of unconventional, uncontrollable fun on your own or with friends at the office. Each time you pull a card from Cosmo, you’ll find yourself creating, noodling, puzzling, playing, and sharing laughs with coworkers as you enjoy Cosmo’s 15 different outrageous activities. Ever tried bowling with dry-erase markers as pins? How fast can you type your name with your nose? Can you use Cranium Cubes™ to build a crossword puzzle containing a pet’s name? With Cranium Cosmo, you’ll never believe how creative and fun office breaks can be!

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