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Apples to Apples: Expansion Set #2
4 - 10 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game Party Game Expansion for Base-game

The was the second expansion to the original Apples to Apples Core Game. The expansion added 216 Green Apple cards, 72 Red Apple cards, and the following New Rules variations to the core game: Big Apples Variation - For the confident types, this is a way to "put your apples where your mouth is!" Two or more players boasting that the judge will pick their card can agree to each wager one of their green apple cards. If the judge selects one of their red apple cards, that player wins the green apple card and all of the wagered green apple cards. If the judge does not pick one of their red apple cards, the wagered cards are forfeited to the bottom of the card stack. 2 for 1 Apples Variation - For a real deal, the judge turns over two green apple cards to start the round. Each player selects the red apple card from his or her hand that is best described by both green apple cards. After the judge selects a red apple card, both of the green apple cards are awarded to the winner. Apple Potpourri Variation - For an unpredictable mix, each player selectes a red apple card from his or her hand before the judge turns over the green apple card. 'After the red apple cards are played, the judge turns over a green apple card. As usual, the judge then selects the winning red apple card. This expansion was discontinued when it was included with the core game for the Apples to Apples Party Box Edition. Part of the Apples to Apples Series.

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