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Steam Tunnel
2 - 5 players
average 30 minutes
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Abstract Strategy
Modular Board

From Website: In the year 2185, in the steam-driven titanium mine deep under the surface of Io,.... oh, who are we kidding. Steam Tunnel is a great game with no particular basis in reality. Compete for control of tunnels in an abstract game with a perfect mix of strategy and luck. Battle for control of tunnels in this purely abstract strategy card game by James Ernest. On a wrap-around board made of 36 cards, players flip and capture cards that show sets of tunnels. Connect high-scoring end-caps to score points. The longer your tunnel, the better. A truly engaging strategy game with a lot more involved than you think. Steam Tunnel is part of the Hip Pocket Games series. Awards 2003 Listed in GAMES Magazine's GAMES 100

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