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The Great Patriotic War
average 180 minutes
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Wargame World War II
Hex-and-Counter Simulation

The Great Patriotic War: Nazi Germany vs. the Soviet Union is a fast-paced wargame that reproduces the circumstances, the events, and the forces that fought the fiercest war in history. Using wargame techniques, The Great Patriotic War simulates the operations, battles, and conflicts of the war; wargame systems make it an enjoyable conflict game for two people. The gameplay features monthly turns, 40 miles per hex and there are 240 counters representing corps and armies. Playing time ranges from the 1 hour Introductory scenario to the 8 hour Campaign game, with five historical scenarios detailing Operations Barbarossa, Fall Blau, Kursk, Stalingrad, and Bagration. It also includes an introductory wargame (now available for free download) called Battle for Moscow, using similar wargame systems. Re-Implements: Battle for Moscow (first edition)

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