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Abstract Strategy
Tile Placement

The objective in Imperator is to surround an opponent's pieces, thus converting them to your side. Each player is supplied with 10 triangular pieces, white on one side, red on the other. They each take turns placing the pieces, with their colour exposed, on the game board. The objective is to surround one or more of your opponents pieces with your own. Pieces are considered surrounded when all outside edges of one or a group of pieces are bordered by the other colour. When completely surrounded, pieces are turned over to show the opposite colour. When all pieces are placed on the board, players take turns moving one piece each to one adjacent space. A space is considered adjacent if it could be considered part of the same "pie". Special consideration must also be given to the edge of the board where there are circles that simulate a red piece, while blank edges simulate a white piece. The game ends when one player has only 2 pieces remaining or a player cannot move. The player with the most pieces is the victor.

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