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Oxford Dilemma
2 - 6 players
average 90 minutes
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Party Game Trivia
Roll / Spin and Move

You roll the two movement dice that send you around a Monopoly looking board along with a special Level of Difficulty die that determines the question asked on a card if needed. The main mechanic of the game consists of landing on Letter Spaces of one of four colors - another player draws a card of the appropriate color and reads a word of the difficulty level indicated by the difficulty die. The player then has 60 seconds to spell it correctly. If he succeeds he gets the dollar amount listed on the card and he may choose to buy the letter of the space he is on. If he misspells it he pays the amount to the scholarship fund. In an optional rule, the speller can earn bonus dollars by correctly identifying the word. You can turn in letter cards that spell words to obtain more money. There are other spaces on the board but they are only window dressing for the main game. The words to be spelled are fairly difficult even at the easier levels. An example: Category "Geography" Level 1: Thailand Level 2: Kinshasa Level 3: Kosciusko

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