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Full House
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Economic Humor
Roll / Spin and Move

Each player is an innkeeper, signing in and checking out guests as directed by the cards and the die. He tries to improve the standard of his hotel from Economy to Luxury, thereby attracting more guests and higher room rates. Players start with $7,500 and an empty hotel (consisting of two floors of four rooms each: one single, one double, and two suites). A player begins each turn by selecting three guests from the plastic "People Popper" and check them in to his hotel. If he doesn't have the required space, the guest moves clockwise around the board to one of his opponents. A die is then rolled and the player does the action of the square he lands on. This could mean checking out his guests, staying at another hotel, or getting a random event. A hotel may be upgraded in stages from Economy to Luxury by paying an upgrade fee. Every step increases the rates that are paid by each guest. There is a little skill in deciding how your guests fit into your hotel, but otherwise the game is driven by the roll of the die. The first player to make $500,000 wins the game.

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