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Abstract Strategy
Set Collection Grid Movement

In ZÈRTZ, the third addition to the GIPF Project, players compete to acquire sets of multi-colored balls. This is mostly accomplished by jumping one ball over one or more others, Checkers-style, on a hex board. A player's turn consists of either jumping (which can be forced) or placing any color ball on the board and removing an empty space from the edge of the board. In this manner, the play space continually shrinks, giving the endgame an almost claustrophobic feel. This game is part of project GIPF.

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Total Games Played on NemeStats: 37
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loubrave 2_Eric 8 9 88 %
AdamI AdamI's Gaming Group 5 6 83 %
Chris Wray JC Gamers 3 3 100 %
Yair Oron regex's Gaming Group 3 4 75 %
loubrave 2_Manoli 2 2 100 %

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