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Science Fiction Wargame

Microgame #19 in the Metagaming Microgames series. Details from the game box:' The nearby grumble and clank surges rank fear in your veins. Crouched low you wait. Dragons or Ogres of old might at least be fought. Helltanks are certain death. Closer, closer it comes. You wait and pray it strikes right or left, anywhere but here. Helltank is a game of tactical armored conflict in the 21st century. Each counter is a single vehicle or small unit. Included are the U.S. Klane class MBT-1 1, light cav. Raiders, Japanese IFV infantry carriers, Israeli Missile Launchers, Recon Hovers, Brazilian tri-turret MTTs, jet-pack Hawk Teams, Air Cruisers and the first Ft. Ticonderoga class heavy launch vehicle, Helltank. Versatile rules portray future combat in a playable, yet realistic manner. covering movement firing. opportunity fire, missiles, air defense platforms and the special unit rules. Contents: Rules 12x14 play map 126 unit counters Followed by: Helltank Destroyer

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