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Drakborgen Legenden
2 - 4 players
average 90 minutes
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Exploration Fantasy Maze
Tile Placement Modular Board Variable Player Powers Partnerships Role Playing

The 2nd edition of the classic adventure game Drakborgen (DungeonQuest) from 1985. The players enter the unexplored Dragon's Keep in search for treasure. The Keep is home to a dragon, and it is up to the players, with luck and timing, to overcome the dangers, collect some treasure and escape from the Keep before the sun sets and the vampires go hunting. This edition features streamlined rules, for example pre-placed one-use event tiles (placed onto the room tiles) instead of the players drawing room cards each time they enter a room. Door cards, trap cards, search cards, corpse cards and chest cards have been rationalized; all is now contained on the room tiles. Undefeated monsters and certain traps now stay on the board, and the game features a slightly more complex and tactical fighting system. The game allows for co-operative play, and even the dragon herself can be killed. Re-implements: DungeonQuest

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