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GIPF Project Set 2
average 120 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Expansion for Base-game
Set Collection Pattern Building Grid Movement

This includes two expansions for GIPF and one for ZÈRTZ. Contents: 6 DVONN-potentials for each player 6 ZÈRTZ-potentials for each player 12 ZÈRTZ rings See the project GIPF wiki page for more details on the potentials' powers. This expansion can integrate DVONN and ZÈRTZ with the original GIPF game. Additionally, it contains ring pieces to extend the ZÈRTZ board into new configurations. The ZÈRTZ-potential has the power to jump other pieces. The DVONN-potential has the power to land on top of other pieces, changing their color. This is part of project GIPF.

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