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Europa Universalis Extension No 1
1 - 8 players
average 360 minutes
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Economic Wargame Renaissance Expansion for Base-game

This expansion to Europa Universalis adds a complete countersheet and rules to AWE's game of early modern Europe (1492-1792). Cannot be played alone. Countersheet #7 contains 260 square counters and 13 round counters. New types of counters include: Forts (like fortresses, can be built on the Rest-of-the-World map) Missionaries and missions, which give bonuses on some colonial actions. Some are marked Jesuit, Franciscan, Torquemada Colonial governors (event 42 modified) Sepoys (colonial land detachments -- marked "Cipaye") can be raised by the French, British and Dutch for use in Asia Native allies -- American Indian detachments that can be raised by the French in North America Industry for Prussia, Sweden and some major powers Diplomacy for minor and major powers New rules include: Details on how to use those new counters New minor states - Corsica, Napoli, Granada, Sicily, Catalonia, Ireland, Ukraine 10 New events and 4 modified events Rules for games with fewer than 6 players. Major powers without a player act like Minor states. A list of historical monarchs, with their Admin, Diplomatic and Military values. Modified and new Scenarios Objectives slightly modified Political events tables 1492-1792 20 modified scenarios 6 new Battle scenarios: 7 Years War in Europe and the world 1756-63 War of the Austrian Succession in Europe and the world 1744-48 Invisible Armada 1588 Culloden 1746 Turco-Persian War 1630-1639 War in Livonia 1560-1582

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