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Don't Wake the Dragon!
2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Fantasy Animals Children's Game
Roll / Spin and Move

Big Snore (the Dragon) snoozes next to the penguin eggs he stole. You race your penguin across the icebergs to return your egg to your nest --first one to do so wins! You move clockwise around the "board", skipping occupied spaces. An egg space gives you your coveted egg. A dragon space means you depress the plunger and hope the ensuing shaking does not make your penguin fall off (it returns to the first available safe space before where it was) and lose its egg. In the "advanced" game, you need two eggs to win, and you have the option of pressing the dragon plunger a second time when you land on a dragon space. The shaking is achieved mechanically, without batteries.

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