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Dicemaster: Wilds of Doom
1 - 2 players
average 60 minutes
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Fantasy Collectible Components Dice Fighting Adventure Expansion for Base-game

Wilds of Doom is an expansion to the base game Dicemaster: Cities of Doom. It adds many new concepts and abilities to the basic game and enables players to use the wide variety of dice found in the Doom Cubes expansion. Expands Dicemaster: Cities of Doom From the back of the box: With Dicemaster, players can enjoy exciting fantasy adventures with nothing more than a beautiful set of custom-crafted dice. Wilds of Doom is the master expansion set for Cities of Doom, the basic Dicemaster set. It's ideal for players interested in more challenging and flexible strategies. More importantly, it opens the door to the rich, diverse world of Doom Cubes. This box contains 26 dice, including ten 16mm dice, eleven 18mm, and five 22mm dice (three 6-siders, one 10-sided die, and one 12-sided die). You also get 2 plastic dice trays for convenient storage of dice. Two players can play the "Wilderness Game" if, between them, they have one Wilds of Doom set. Each player must have a Cities of Doom to use this product.

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