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Insecta: Trilobite
1 - 7 players
average 195 minutes
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Science Fiction Fighting Horror Animals Prehistoric Expansion for Base-game Environmental Educational
Variable Player Powers Role Playing Hex-and-Counter Simulation Cooperative Play

Trilobite is a supplement for Insecta Second Edition that changes the game's focus to undersea evolution. It includes rules for underwater movement and combat, with new mutant design cards adapted to the watery environment. Sea creatures from across Earth's history populate a new Hive deck, and a system of catastrophe cards controls the passage of time. New rules and design cards cover grasping tentacles, camouflage, electric batteries, water jet siphons, pistol claws, proboscis, rear-attack spines, echo locating organs, suction feet, ink sacs, swim bladders, and more. Contents: 4-page rules expansion with pull-out design card reference sheet 48 Hive bug cards 18 counters 58 bug design cards 16 catastrophe cards 6 rubber sea monsters 1 rubber pixie

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