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Casino Yahtzee
2 - 4 players
average 45 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Dice
Dice Rolling Set Collection Press Your Luck

From the back of the box: Casino Yahtzee combines the suspense of a gambling game with the strategy of Yahtzee. The challenge is to toss the dice and roll the numbers you need. Use chips to cover rows of numbers on your gameboard. Win points when you complete a row. Points can be scored across, down and diagonally. Use strategy too. Try to win the rows with the highest points by choosing the colored dice that can make it happen. Watch out for your opponents. If they roll the right numbers first, they can block you. Score the most points and win the game! Contents: 5 Special Dice: - 1 die: 1-6 - 1 die: 2-7 - 1 die: 3-8 - 1 die: 4-9 - 1 die: 5-10 1 Dice Cup 1 Dice Tray 4 Plastic Game boards with sliding tops Black Chips White Chips 1 Score Pad Instructions

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