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1 - 4 players
average 40 minutes
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Exploration Fantasy Adventure
Dice Rolling Tile Placement Press Your Luck Variable Player Powers Rock-Paper-Scissors Role Playing

Players explore the ruins of Castle Dragonfire trying to reach the treasure chamber in the center of the dungeon and escape alive with as much treasure as possible. A limited number of turns before the game ends puts pressure on players to take risks and score rewards because anyone left in the dungeon when time runs out dies! A tile-laying system creates the maze-like dungeon and ensures that no two games are ever exactly the same. Originally published as Drakborgen (Dragon's Keep) in 1985 by Alga, a subsidiary of BRIO AB. Sold in Norway (Skatten i borgen) and Denmark (Drageborgen). Licenced to Germany (Schmidt Spiele) as Drachenhort, to Great Britain (Games Workshop) as DungeonQuest. A 2nd edition named Drakborgen Legenden was released in 2002 (never released outside Sweden). The game was re-licensed to FFG in 2010, who released the 3rd edition the same year. See the family entry for more information. Expanded by: Drakborgen II (the Swedish expansion that upon Games Workshop's British release was split into the two below:) Heroes for Dungeonquest Dungeonquest: Catacombs Re-implemented by: Drakborgen Legenden DungeonQuest (third edition) DungeonQuest Revised Edition

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