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From the instruction sheet: "EQUIPMENT: 1 playing board with 90 squares, including two corners of 9 squares each. 18 chips (9 dark and 9 light), one chip on each side has a dot on it, called the "power chip". OBJECT: To be the first to slide all nine of your chips into your own corner of the board." The chips are setup in the middle of the board at start. Each player plays alternately one chip in one direction only. a regular chip may move horizontally or vertically only. A power chip may move also diagonally. A regular chip must slide as far as it can go. Stopped only by reaching the edge of the board, another chip or the opponent's corner. A power chip can stop whenever it wants, but must stop for the same reasons as a regular chip. Once inside its own corner, no chip can move back into the playing area. A regular chip must move horizontally or vertically as far as it can within the corner, a power chip may move any number of squares, within the corner.

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