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White Lady
4 - 6 players
average 45 minutes
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You intend to spend the night with some friends in an old house, haunted by the White Lady, a vampire; the best defense against her is the classic old remedy - garlic. You notice that some of the evil of the white lady has contaminated everyone of you; otherwise would you be so frightened of one another? There can be only one survivor, and it will be the player with the most garlic. The feature that sets this game apart from other games is also the cause for the most complains among boardgamers used to mechanisms that even out luck and opportunities: The White Lady moves around the board in a random fashion, only when she comes near a player, that player has the option to act. If the player chooses to repel the vampire that means using up garlic. A player that drove back the White Lady can then decide to move their own pawn, possibly frightening other players' pawns and stealing their garlic. Successful play does not mean just remembering how many turns the White Lady has left, a much bigger influence is how well a player turned the other players against each other with the help of the Vampire.

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