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INWO SubGenius
2 - 4 players
average 120 minutes
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Political Card Game Science Fiction Humor
Variable Player Powers

The object of INWO is to control the world. You start with a single "Church of the SubGenius" card, representing your own faction of the Church. During the game, you take over other Group cards. They are added to your Power Structure as your puppets - unless a rival takes them from you. You can use Plot cards to advance your own position or harass your opponents. You may win by controlling enough groups, or by fulfilling the special goal of your own Illuminati, or by meeting the objectives on a Goal card, or, of course, by crushing all of your rivals! Thus, you prove that YOU are the True Church, and the others are deluded posers. This is not a collectible card game. It is a stand-alone game that may be added to INWO or vice versa.

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