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Dragon Epic
2 - 4 players
average 180 minutes
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Fantasy Adventure Wargame
Campaign / Battle Card Driven

Dragon Epic is a strategy game of army maneuver and battle, with the added flavor of magic. Heroes go on quests to discover powerful artifacts. Dragons can fly across territories to raze and pillage. Mighty leaders send hordes of mercenaries and strange creatures into mortal combat. Troop types range from basic infantry, knights, mystic creatures, and heroes. Each troop card is placed in a battle line and casualties are removed from the front of the line unless they can be targeted with a special ability. So generally you want to place your toughest units in the front lines. Each card lists its strengths and weaknesses. The number of stars across the top represent the amount of damage it can take, followed by number of dice it rolls in combat, offensive strength, and defensive strength. This seems simple, but the addition of creatures, special abilities, artifacts, and spells add to the strategy.

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