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Am Fuß des Kilimandscharo
2 - 4 players
average 45 minutes
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Simple Knizia game for children. Progress up the trail to the foot of Kilimanjaro by playing numbered cards. You can play cards in front of yourself to make 3 piles, or onto your opponents to slow them down if they're ahead of you on the trail. The cards are in different types (colors), canoe, mule, jeep or by foot. If your 3 cards are the same type, you can move the total. If 2 cards match, you can move that total. If the 3 cards don't match, you can move the highest number. In addition, there are chance tokens laid on the trail face-down. These are revealed as you reach them; the banana is a meal-break (take another move), a lion is danger (fall back to the last village), or a swap tile lets you switch places on the trail with another player. The player that reaches the mountain first wins, but if the players exhaust their decks, then the furthest along the trail is the winner.

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