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Statis Pro Basketball
1 - 2 players
average 90 minutes
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The Game of Professional Basketball: Inside this box you'll find everything you need to recreate an entire professional season. Every player from every pro team is here, each one ready to play for you just the same way he did in the regular season. The only difference between STATIS PRO BASKETBALL and the real thing is that now YOU are the coach! YOU pick the starting line-ups, send in substitutes, and call the fast break and full-court press. YOU call the slowdown, take out players to rest for the final period...and much more! Every player in STATIS PRO BASKETBALL is statistically rated to display his real abilities in each of the following areas: Field Goal Shooting, Free Throw Shooting, Rebounding, Fouls, Foul Drawing, Blocking Shots, Stealing the Ball, Assists, Defense, and Stamina. Luck is a factor in every basketball game, and STATIS PRO BASKETBALL represents the effect of chance with a unique system of FAST ACTION CARDS that keep the game moving fast while at the same time allowing everything that takes place in a real game to occur. Game Equipment: Scorepad Rules Folder Mounted full-color Playing Board with Reference Charts & Tables Set of Fast Action Cards Player Cards representing players of every pro team.

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