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Twilight Imperium: Hope's End
2 - 6 players
average 240 minutes
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Negotiation Political Civilization Science Fiction Space Exploration Wargame Expansion for Base-game
Dice Rolling Tile Placement Trading Modular Board Variable Player Powers Voting Hex-and-Counter Variable Phase Order

The only expansion for Twilight Imperium (Second Edition) introduces two new races -- the Yssaril Tribes and the Mentak Coalition -- and adds shock troops and race leaders, new Political and Action Cards, Deed Cards for tracking income and influence, and new map board tiles including a nebula and a "gravity rift." Shock troops are elite ground forces, and some specifics are tied into Hope's End, a new planet in the map tiles. Each race has three "race leaders" which are of 5 different types; each adds different abilities to troops, planets, or systems. The "gravity rift" map tile will send ships that enter it in a random direction when they exit. Part of the Twilight Imperium Series. Expands: Twilight Imperium (Second Edition) Game Contents include: 2 Counter sheets of Technology Counters 1 Counter sheet of Race Stands 1 Counter sheet of Shock Troops and Race Counters 2 Counter sheets of Lazax Gold Credits 1 Counter sheet of Race Leaders 28 new Political Cards 28 new Action Cards 58 Planetary Deed Cards 13 new Mapboard Tiles 1 Rules sheet

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