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War & Sheep
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Farming Humor Animals
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War & Sheep, Tony & Tino and Drake & Drake are the first two player games published by Eurogames. All three were designed by Bruno Cathala. War & Sheep, the lightest of the three, is about sheep grazing grass - but beware of the magic grass - and trying to avoid wolves. Two warring factions of sheep are contending for the same paddock. Win the game by eliminating the other player's sheep or eating the most (and best) grass. On each player's turn they can move and possibly eat grass, recon (peek to see what's under some grass), camouflage a sheep, use an action card or shift the wolf. Each clump of grass eaten is worth 1,3, or 5 points. 1 point grass lets you pick up an action card for use in a later turn , 5 point grass is so good your sheep must spend the rest of the game digesting it and 3 point grass is, well it's just 3 point grass. But beware! Under each clump of grass a wolf may be lurking, if you try to eat grass over a wolf he will eat your sheep! Part of the Eurogames Games for 2 Series.

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