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Punk sucht Lady
4 - 6 players
average 60 minutes
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Negotiation Bluffing Party Game
Pattern Recognition Voting

As manager of a Marriage Bureau you are aiding your clients in finding total happiness. If you manage to find the ideal partner for all your clients victory is within your grasp, and your Marriage Bureau will be elected most successful of the year. On your turn, you put forth an eligible man or woman, telling 3 of their 6 distinguishing characteristics: Age, Job, Good trait, Bad trait, Hobby, and Life goal. Everyone else puts forth a potential mate based on the 3 characteristics you've shared. You must pick one of them as the best suitor. Once the cards are revealed, players can contest the decision and put their own candidate up for a vote. The game uses a unique card mechanism where the women have a border of 56 numbers, varying from 0 to 7, and the men have an arrow pointing to one of the 56 spaces. When you slide the male card atop the female card (ahem) you get the rating of the couple's compatibility. Ravensburger game no. 27 328 7

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