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2 - 4 players
average 240 minutes
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Fantasy Miniatures Wargame
Dice Rolling Modular Board Variable Player Powers

Warhammer is a tabletop wargame of fantasy battles, played by two or more people. You can play small-scale skirmish games involving 20 or 30 models a side, up to massed battles that pit armies of hundreds of models against each other. Rules that govern how the models move and fight are contained in the Warhammer rulebook. Players choose and collect armies of models that are described in separate Warhammer army books. A huge range of models is also available from Citadel Miniatures, in metal and in plastic. Warhammer is now in its 8th Edition. 8th edition includes some major rule changes/simplifications in order to rebalance the game. This version focuses even more on large infantry units with several additional rules supporting horde armies. For some, Warhammer constitutes an entire hobby in itself, due to the expansive background, modeling and painting aspects of the game. From 4th Edition onwards, Warhammer has been available in boxed sets that contain dice, rules, range rulers and templates, along with and enough models for a modest battle. The most recent of these is Warhammer Fantasy Battle: The Island of Blood, this contains 74 plastic miniatures (some of which are multiple figures), along with an A5 sized rulebook. The previous version Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Battle For Skull Pass which contained over 100 plastic miniatures, along with a condensed rulebook, may still be available. Expanded by: Warhammer: Forces of Fantasy (for 1st Edition) Warhammer: Ravening Hordes (for 2nd Edition) Terror of the Lichemaster (for 2nd Edition) Blood Bath at Orc's Drift (for 2nd Edition) The Tragedy of McDeath (for 2nd Edition) Blood on the Streets (for 2nd Edition) Warhammer Siege (for 3rd Edition) Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness (for 3rd Edition) Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (for 3rd Edition) Mighty Empires (for 3rd Edition - also a standalone game) Warhammer Armies (army lists for 3rd Edition) Warhammer Townscape: Card Buildings for Warhammer games (listed on RPGG) Warhammer Armies: Army Books (army-specific books for 4th Edition onwards) Warhammer Battle Magic (for 4th Edition) Warhammer Arcane Magic (for 4th Edition) Warhammer Perilous Quest (for 5th Edition) Warhammer Circle of Blood (for 5th Edition) Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness (for 5th Edition) Warhammer Magic (for 5th Edition) Warhammer Tears of Isha (for 5th Edition) Warhammer: Grudge of Drong (for 5th Edition) Warhammer Idol of Gork (for 5th Edition) Warhammer Chronicles (for 6th Edition) Warhammer: Dark Shadows (for 6th Edition) Warhammer: The General's Compendium (for 6th Edition) Warhammer Skirmish (for 6th Edition) Mighty Empires: Warhammer Expansion (for 7th Edition) Warhammer Fantasy Battle: The Island of Blood (8th Edition starter set) Warhammer: Storm of Magic (for 8th Edition) Warhammer: Blood in the Badlands (for 8th Edition)

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