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Man O' War: Sea of Blood
2 - 8 players
average 180 minutes
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Nautical Fantasy Miniatures Wargame Expansion for Base-game
Variable Player Powers

From the box: High above the waves, the crew of the Dwarf War Balloon watched aghast as the water churned around the Dreadnought far below. A Black Leviathan, all fangs and claws, erupted from the waves, bellowing in rage as it tore into the stricken vessel again and again. Sea of Blood contains new rules to be used in conjunction with the Man O' War game and the Plague Fleet supplement. SEA MONSTERS: The Triton, Sea Elemental, Kraken, Sea Dragon, Megaladon, Promethean, Black Leviathan, Gargantuan and Behemoth rise to the surface to vent their fury against the fleets of the known world. FLYERS: Bretonnian Pegasus Riders, Dwarf Gyrocopters and War Balloons, Elf Dragon Riders and War Eagles, Imperial Griffon Riders, Orc Wyvern Riders, Dark Elf Manticore Lords, Chaos Dwarf Taurus Riders, and Lords of Change fill the smoke-laden skies above the battle. Sea of Blood also contains rules for: Allies, Imperial Hell-hammers, Ironfists, Norse Raiders and Dwarf Dreadnoughts. CONTENTS: 1 x Rulebook 9 x Sea Monster Templates 14 x Flying Creature Templates 6 x Aircraft Templates 18 x Anti-flier Armament 33 x Norse Crew Counters 26 x Wound Counters 3 x Ironfist Templates 46 x Ship Templates SEA OF BLOOD IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME. YOU WILL NEED A COPY OF THE MAN O' WAR GAME TO USE THE CONTENTS OF THIS BOX. Expands: Man O' War

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