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Man O' War: Plague Fleet
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Nautical Fantasy Miniatures Wargame Expansion for Base-game
Dice Rolling Variable Player Powers

The first of two expansion sets for Man O' War, Plague Fleet brings the chaos fleets into play: Nurgle, Tzeentch and the rest. Expands: Man O' War [From the game manual] Beyond the icy seas of Kislev and the Sea of Claws lies the dark Realm of Chaos. It is here that resides a greater danger than any posed by the mortal enemies of the nations of the Known World. Within the Chaos Wastes nature itself has become corrupted and the very earth rebels against what it has become; in this wild and dangerous place the trees moan in eldritch voices and the rocks scream their hate at a dark and uncaring sky. The seas of this inhuman realm are the most dangerous and deadly waters of the Known World. From deep within the Seas of Chaos sail forth the Plague fleets of Chaos, waging constant war and carrying the fatal taint of Chaos across the globe. They are perhaps the ultimate enemy and greatest threat to the ocean-going warfleets of the Known World. The following pages contain new rules and Fleet Lists for the Fleets of Chaos, including Khorne Bloodships, Hellships of Slaanesh, Great Winged Terrors of Tzeentch, Plagueships of Nurgle, Deathgalleys, and details of the Skaven and Chaos Dwarf fleets. Plague Fleet also introduces Chaos Sorcerers, dark Wizards who draw on the power of the Warp to wreak hideous destruction on the enemy ships. Plaguefleet's full contents list is as follows: 1 X 72 Page Rulebook (You’re reading it!) 1 X Chaos Magic Deck (32 Cards) 1 X Skaven Magic Deck (8 Cards) 1 X Chaos Reward Deck (32 Cards) 7 X Chaos Terrain Pieces 1 X Scatter Dice 1 X Artillery Dice 1 X Poisoned Wind Template (Green Circle) 1 X Howling Insanity Template (Lightning Circle) 1 X Vortex Template 1 X Great Leveller Template (Large, Orange Circle) 1 X Wind of Chaos Template (Purple Circle) 1 X Warpfire Thrower Template 1 X Nurgle Slime Trail Template 2 X Clan Eshin Plagueburner Templates 1 X Hawkship Turn Template 40 X Ship Templates 2 X Range Rulers 1 X Chaos Sorcerer Template 1 X Skaven Grey Seer Template 36 X Wound Counters 24 X Grey Seer Warpstone Counters 11 X Great Bell Counters 15 X Energy of Tzeentch Counters 104 X Skaven Crew Counters 5 X Skaven Assassin Counters 10 X Skaven Rat-Ogre Counters 1 X Chaos Sorcerer Power Counter 4 X Death Frenzy Counters 4 X Crawling Flesh Counters 4 X Curse of the Horned One Counters 1 X Warlock Champion Counter 1 X Warlock Master Counter 1 X Skaven Warlord Counter 1 X Grey Seer Counter 1 X Chaos Lord Counter 1 X Chaos Dwarf Battlelord Counter 1 X Chaos Sorcerer Counter 12 X Nurgle's Rot Counters 12 X Pink Horror Counters 40 X Chaos Experience Counters 218 X Chaos Crew Counters

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