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Littlest Pet Shop: Hideaway Haven Game
2 - 4 players
average 0 minutes
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Animals Children's Game Memory
Set Collection Roll / Spin and Move Memory

"All the pets are hanging out in their favorite hiding spots and it's time for them to go home. But first you have to find them. The Dragonfly, Tiger Cat, Dog, and Ferret are here to help you search the different locations to find all four of your pets (one Cuddliest Pet, one Fanciest Pet, one Friendliest Pet and one Sportiest Pet). Then you'll need to catch the Dragonfly to help you get home. Be the first to gather your pets and catch the Dragonfly and you win!" Each player receives a board with four different pets to recover (each from a different area of the game board.) Spin the spinner and move the helper pets to locate your target pets. Once you've collected all four, grab the dragonfly and you win!

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