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The Battle of Fontenoy: 11 May, 1745
1 - 2 players
average 180 minutes
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Wargame Age of Reason
Dice Rolling Hex-and-Counter

From the Clash of Arms May 2008 Works In Progress flyer: Fontenoy brings the highly successful Battles from the Age of Reason series to the War of Austrian Succession, with several nationalities not yet seen in the series: French, Dutch, Hanoverians and English on the Continent. Fontenoy is a tight test between the greatest captain of the war - Maurice de Saxe, commanding French forces behind defensive works against the inexperienced Duke of Cumberland commanding a mixed group of Allied troops. Aside from the classic, historical battle in which the Allies try to breach the French defenses, variants will allow players to explore options which allow the Allies to outflank the French, add more forces to both sides, and even take away the French defenses for a straight-up contest on the plains of Flanders. Fontenoy retains all of the aspects of the previous games of the series set in the Seven Years War. The scale is 100 yards per hex and 20 minute game turns, with infantry battalions, cavalry regiments, and artillery batteries at the scale of 1 strength point equals 100 foot soldiers, 50 horsemen, or 2 cannon. Also included is the Battle of Melle, 9 July, 1745. This is a complete battle with a small number of counters per side, played out on a half size map. Melle is a rare meeting engagement and is a swirling, chaotic battle as each side seeks to obtain their objectives before night falls. Melle is a quick game, ideal for BAR beginners or for those who want to play out a full battle in one sitting.

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