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Mountain of Inferno
2 - 4 players
average 25 minutes
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Card Game Novel-based
Area Control / Area Influence Hand Management Pattern Building

Mountain of Inferno (Flaming Mountain) is a chapter of Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. During the journey, Xuanzang is trapped in the Mountain of Inferno with the evil and hungry Buffalo Demon King family. Now it is up to his disciples to protect him, so he may continue his journey to the west safely. Mountain of Inferno is played in number of rounds. Each round ends when any one Xuanzang is placed at the intersection of four unique disciples continuously in a row and another four in a column. Each player then calculates his points based on the location of his Xuanzang. After number of rounds, the player with highest score wins the game. Players: 2 to 4 Time: 30 min Age: 10+ Components: 52 cards 9 × Monkey King (disciple) 9 × Monk Pig (disciple) 9 × Friar Sand (disciple) 9 × Dragon Horse (disciple) 3 × Buffalo Demon King 3 × Princess Iron Fan 8 × Red Boy 2 × Guayin Other Components 4 × Xuanzang tokens 4 × Score tokens 1 × Score track 1 × English rulebook

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