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Tien Zi Que
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Tien Zi Que (TZQ) is an entertaining pocket MahJong for two. It uses a unique selection of MahJong cards, and each card has an added color code (blue, green, red, white or black) for special scoring. With exceptional game play, TZQ brings you more fun and strategy than the traditional MahJong. All you need is 5 cards on hand and little or no MahJong knowledge to play. Tien Zi stands for son of the god, and it is also another name for the emperor of China. Que stands for Sparrow. Goal / Winning the Game After creating a Set, the winning player chooses to keep one of the cards for end of the Round scoring. When one player completes five Sets, he calls MahJong and wins the Round immediately. He then uses the one card from each Set to score. Players' points are accumulated after every winning round; the game is played to 4 rounds. Components: 54 cards Combines with: Tien Zi Que: White Dragon, TZQ Red Dragon, and TZQ Green Dragon. Mix any two TZQ games for 3-4 player game, and mix any three TZQ games for 5-6 player game.

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