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Wings of War: Balloon Busters
1 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game Miniatures Wargame Aviation / Flight World War I Expansion for Base-game
Simultaneous Action Selection Action / Movement Programming Player Elimination Simulation

The Balloon Buster Expansion Set is a special kit for Wings of War miniatures, featuring a 1/144 scale Caquot - Ae800 balloon miniature (good for every nation at war) and an Allied Nieuport 16 with Le Prieur air-to-air rockets. Two versions of the kit are available, with different color schemes for both the balloon and for the airplane. Both include an assortment of decals to customize the balloon models. The twenty page rules booklet explains how to add balloons and Le Prieur rockets to your Wings of War battles, plus offers a number of exciting new missions so you can jump right in! Part of the Wings of War series See Also: Wings of War: Miniatures

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