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Cat & Fish
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Nautical Animals
Set Collection Point to Point Movement Take That Worker Placement

The board is a hex grid with an island in the center, and sea surrounding. Set the game up by randomly placing fish tiles into the seas, with more valuable fish placed closer to the island (different colored tile backs). Each player starts with a fishing rod and 5 Curo (Cat Euro). The game starts in Spring; play through till Winter. Each season, players first use their 2 workers (3 in some circumstances) to choose actions from a common board, in turn order. Then, in turn order, execute any of your actions (removing worker from board). The actions allow you to move your cat from the island to other sea hexes, buy/sell fish, buy special cards that improve your ability to move or fish or give you new abilities, move obstacles around the board, etc. Each player may only store 2 fish (until additional storage purchased), and different types of fish fetch different prices depending on the season. At the end of Spring, you replenish fish on the board. At the end of Winter, pay a "Union Fee". The game ends after the 5th Winter. The player with the most money wins!

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