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Legends of the Ancient World: Fire in the Streets
1 - 4 players
average 0 minutes
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Fantasy Fighting Adventure Wargame
Dice Rolling Role Playing Hex-and-Counter

Fire in the Streets is a programmed adventure using Dark City Games Legends of the Ancient World rule set. These rules provide gameplay very similar to that of Melee and Wizard from Metagaming. This adventure is compatible with those games as well. Battles are fought with counters on a hex map that is included with the game. From the Publisher: "As fires spring up around the streets of Redpoint, the leader of a group of anti-slavery rebels is captured. While the eyes of authority are on the chaos, you must find this hero of the people, searching through winding alleys, open markets and temples for elusive clues. As you go, you discover others are using the distractions for their own ends..." This module is a campaign guide and urban adventure for the Stormspeake Penninsula

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