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Last Night on Earth 'Revenge of the Dead' Supplement
2 - 6 players
average 60 minutes
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Fighting Miniatures Horror Expansion for Base-game Zombies
Dice Rolling Hand Management Modular Board Roll / Spin and Move Variable Player Powers Partnerships

The 'Revenge of the Dead' Supplement is a web-exclusive for 'Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game' and features a new scenario and ten new game cards. All pieces are printed on the same high-quality card stock as the boardgame. The cards are exclusive to this supplement and will not be available anywhere else. They feature all new artwork. After a long night, it is almost dawn and the shambling horde is angry… angry and hungry. The smell of brains seems to be driving them mad. Facing desperate odds, the surviving Heroes might be able to live through the night if they can hang on just a little longer. But the dead will have their revenge, for they will feed well before this night is through.

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